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We would love for YOU to get involved! Either through your talents, time, or money. Your talents are showcased through the audition process for each show and being part of the cast. Your time will be utilized as part of the tech crew to gather props and building sets. Your monetary donations will go toward our ongoing cost for each production and to make our permanent place ready for Artist Connection Theatre in our community.

The totality of your donation goes to the cost of productions and to help renovate our new location to make it a Theatre we all can enjoy for years to come. Our organization is strictly run by volunteers who wish to invest in our community and influence people through culture and artistic expression. If you have any questions please contact Lori Newton at

Please prayerfully consider what your donation will be and any donation will be appreciated. I look forward to how Artist Connection Theatre will change the culture of our community and enhance the lives of all those involved.

This is a journey I will never forget and I thank God for it every day.